The Last Minute Match Up

A Friend Comes to Visit


The mobile society of today almost guarantees that friends will travel to visit, and they must be entertained while they are there. Some of them will be couples who can often be left to their own devices, but many are single friends looking for new experiences in an exotic location. When they arrive, a good host will ensure they see plenty of sights and introduce them to new friends. Fixing them up with an escort for an evening out might also be expected.

Matching up old friends with new friends just met is a tricky business, and it is not always successful. Living far from home means coming to understand an entirely different culture, and translating for friends from the past can be exhausting. Fixing up a visitor with an escort can be frustrating if cultural differences are too great, so finding just the right person is one of the important keys to success. The local person must be willing and eager to meet someone else from a foreign land.

Language barriers are often difficult to overcome, and trying to communicate without a language in common can lead to grave misunderstandings. Most languages have their own short cuts and local terms, and they add to the ability for two people to get the wrong idea when speaking with each other. As long as they both understand the other person might not mean exactly what they are saying, it can be a fun way to spend time together. If they do not take the language barrier into account, they will not have a good visit.

While it is always a challenge to match up people, it can be fun to watch them interact. A friend from home coming to visit is always welcome, and it is often a joy to watch them interact with new friends recently found.