The Last Minute Match Up

A New Person in the Group


People from the same neighborhood have often known each other since early childhood, and they choose to socialize as adults. They form close groups, and they bring potential mates along when their relationships get serious. This gives everyone in the group a chance to get to know the person, and it gives the person a chance to meet the friends of their date. This has been a time honored tradition for many groups of long time friends, and they look forward to meeting new people this way.

Integrating into a group that has been together for years is not always easy, but it is worth the effort. Sometimes a person will bring along a friend from work or other social activities, and their goal is to match them up with other singles in the group. Many people have found this to be awkward, but successful matches have been made in this way. It is a low pressure match, and the guest and friends have no obligation to continue dating.

Modern dating is about meeting new people, and this is not always easy. While some single people resent being matched with other singles, they do see the value in creating a larger network of friends and acquaintances. If they hit it off with a new person at a group event, this is a plus for all people concerned. One of the largest problems with groups of friends occurs when a date does not integrate well, so a friend of a friend is usually a good choice.

This type of last minute match does not always succeed, but that does not keep people from trying it on a regular basis. If two single people hit it off, it is worth the effort to expand the group. If they like each other but prefer not to date, it still provides a new and interesting person to keep the group growing.