The Last Minute Match Up

An Extra Event Ticket


There are a great many events such as concerts that require tickets, and not having someone to enjoy it is considered a waste. Many times, a group of friends will purchase a block of tickets and make plans to attend together. If one person has to cancel at the last minute, the hunt is on for someone to take that seat. The only requirement seems to be someone who will enjoy the event, but friends and family often use this as an opportunity for a last minute match.

Matching up friends and relatives is often seen as unwelcome, and the single person usually resents the effort. Masking this type of match as a way to fill a seat at an event is seen as fair play when it happens naturally, and the people who do it are ready at all times. They often do not care for the person their loved one is dating, and they are eager to find a good replacement.

Including a new person in a group event is not seen as a match up by the single person, and this suits everyone as they give the couple a chance to get to know each other. It is the perfect way to introduce the group's choice, but they do not have to take responsibility if their efforts fail to pay off. Even the single person can see the reasoning behind using the ticket, and they are not obligated to ask the person on another date. In the world of dating, this is an all around winner for family and friends as well as the person they love.

There are many times when the single person and the last minute fill in hit it off. They may go for coffee together after the event, or the pair might make a date for a future time. This makes those who arranged the meeting happy, and the single person now has a new social contact.